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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

In order to raise money for Project FUKUSHIMA! we have set up the DIY FUKUSHIMA! project. “DIY FUKUSHIMA!” is a venue for musicians, poets and other artists who are sympathetic to this cause and want share their visions with a larger audience. All of the profits generated from sale of the digital content will be used to cover running costs for Project FUKUSHIMA! which will be free and open to the public.

Money Collected to Date


DIY FUKUSHIMA!: Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

Use of Donations

Proceeds from works purchased online will go to the Project FUKUSHIMA! Committee in order to help fund the festival, related school, and all PR activities associated with the event. We are using the service “DIY STARS” to facilitate downloads of all digital contents.

* Details on “DIY STARS” here. (Japanese only.)

Donation Details

All proceeds from the sale of digital contents will go to Project FUKUSHIMA!, minus sales tax and handling fees from payment clearing company Epsilon.

※※Please note that credit card payments are subject to a 5% handling fee. Payments made through the “Bitcash” service are subject to a 7% handling fee.

How to Donate

Click on the link of the digital content you wish to purchase. You will automatically taken to the “DIY STARS” page to complete the transaction. Please understand that no refunds can be made once a purchase is complete.

Disclosure of Donation Amount

We will make periodic announcements regarding the total amount of donations received on this website.


Inquires about the use of donations received

Project FUKUSHIMA! Committee

Inquires about the donation system

Send inquiries through the DIY STARS mail form below:

[Managing Partner]

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