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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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“Shi no Tsubute (Pebbles of Poetry)”

Recorded at a special studio of KOCO FM in Koriyama in tandem with the first live concert of [DOMMUNE FUKUSHIMA!] as a part of [Project FUKUSHIMA!]. The poems by Wago and the improv performance by Otomo, Nanao, U-zhaan and rei harakami are musical journeys on separate paths that magically converge and diverge repeatedly. The overwhelming reality of this piece seizes and holds on to listeners' souls. It's 15 minutes long, but feels like it is over in an instant.

ARTISTS : Ryoichi Wago (writing and recital of poems), Otomo Yoshihide (guitar), Tavito Nanao (vocals, effects, guitar), U-zhaan (tabla), rei harakami (piano)

FILE TYPE : mp3(15:13 320kbps)、jpg(LIVE PHOTO)


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