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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Q&W=Masayuki Kusumi & WAKA “ABC no Uta (ABC Song)”

This is a "song for memorizing the order of alphabet" by Q&W(Question & Wakannai [I don't know]) led by Masayuki Kusumi, a manga artist and musician. You will want your child to memorize these lyrics, surely resulting in instant genius as it's designed to provide instruction not only English, but also in the history of the Showa Period. (Sorry, no guarantees!) Actually, this is just a preview; Q&W is planning a grander, sillier version for the future. Please listen to it in anticipation of the new song, as well as with hope for your child's academic improvement! Jacket features a new illustration by Kusumi himself.

ARTISTS : Q&W (Question & Wakannai) = Masayuki Kusumi (vocals, guitar, input) + WAKA (vocals, guitar, input) (Written by: Masayuki Kusumi, WAKA, Yumiko Ikegaya, Shokuyoku Majin 【takazo】, Yukari Watanabe, higashi "o'day" mitsuco, Netaro, Ruki Tsuji, natarou / Composed by: Masayuki Kusumi)

FILE TYPE : MP3(1:16 320kbps)、JPG(Jacket)


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