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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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The eighth work of DIY FUKUSHIMA! is a song by ANLA COURTIS from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the opposite side of the earth! Moreover, he kindly sent a 37-min unreleased track (long enough to make a CD) . It's still fresh in my memory that he came to Japan in this February and joined in the concert tour with many Japanese musicians. "FRANKFURT" is an unreleaced source of the live performance in Frankfurt in 2005. You can listen to minimal music like meditation, with electric guitar, Pocket Theremin and Argentine folk instruments. Let the music wash over you, with Anla's message "Dedicated to Fukushima". (※ANLA COURTIS=Musician born in Buenos Aires, who plays electric guitar mainly, and various instruments (materials) . In 1996, he formed a legendary experimental group "Reynols" with Miguel Thomassin and other musicians in Buenos Aires. More than 100 works were releaced as Reynols. As solo career, he's performed with many musician around the world regardless of the genre. A huge number of songs are on his discography. He's an important person embodying the broadness of Argentine music.)


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