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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Taichi Imanishi “Nippon (Japan)”

Taichi Imanishi sings his heart out for Fukushima, Tohoku district and Japan! He was going to perform live at MATCHBOX in Fukushima City and be on a live TV program "Sata-Fuku" in this April, but those schedules were cancelled because the great earthquake made it difficult for the live house to open as usual and for the TV company to go on the original schedule. In this situation he composed "Nippon". This version is from his performance at a "Sata-Fuku", when he was finally in Fukushima in July. I can't help but feel touched by his performance squeezing his heart out of his body! Taichi Imanishi Profile: He made a major debut in 1992 after building his career as a band in Kyoto. Even though he desperately got on with his career through experiences as a curtain-raiser in the concert of big-name artists, radio personality, CM-track producer and a movie actor, the production company dissolved the contract with him in 1999. But he didn't give up singing. Now he performs live 120 times a year across the country. He gains the overwhelming support of not only his generation but also younger people for his songs and the way he lives.

ARTISTS : Taichi Imanishi

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