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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Rebels Ground “National Isolation ~Rough, Wild but not Mean ~”

Rebels Ground consists of artists born and living in Fukushima. Five months have passed since 3.11, without any concrete measures by the government for the decontamination operations and the people taking refuge. Local regions are ignored for the central one, and the government puts the center economics before people's lives and beautiful nature. This is a wonderful song with a sense of that impatience and urgency. Looking at attached photographs and words, you may think this song was composed after 3.11, but actually before that day. After the nuclear accident, the name "Fukushima" became known all over the world. Rebels Ground are always with Fukushima. I'd like you to feel it within the sound and words. Strong message from Fukushima.

ARTISTS : Rebels Ground<Abe Yuta(sounds)+Tanji Kazuya(words)>

FILE TYPE : MP3(03:04 320kbps)、JPG(Photo)、PDF(Lyric)


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