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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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“The Future For the Children in Fukushima”

A short movie by Ryuichi Hiroki, director of a film "Vibrator"(leading actress: Shinobu Terashima) which got a lot of film awards and gained high reputation in 2003, with exquisite music by Otomo Yoshihide's acoustic guitar. Children must be equally pure hearted, but pictures in this movie seem different to us who have experienced 3.11. The children in Fukushima have had to live in the doubly or triply complex world that adults made up. They were supposed to play and learn strongly in nature. The Hiroki=Otomo duo sent a sincere message that makes us acutely conscious of the reality that has drastically changed since 3.11. Ryuichi Hiroki's (the film director) comments: "I was born and grew up in Fukushima. I don't have special affection to my hometown, far from it, I had the opposite feelings once. But I was shocked about the fact that we've got restricted areas in Fukushima, no, in Japan. I loved going to the movies as a child. Of course I loved playing baseball at paddies and parks as well. I did not want to make today's children give up those things. Making a short movie is one of the things I'm able to do, and as I've been involved with film making, I thought it's my responsibility to record how I feel right now. Not only the staff members from Fukushima, but also the members from other areas gave me supportive push to make this movie. I am grateful to the children and their guardians in Fukushima for their cooperation."

ARTISTS : film director : Hiroki Ryuichi, producer : Minatoya Yasushi, music : Otomo Yoshihide

FILE TYPE : M4V(03:05)


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