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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations

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minga4“La Maravilla (wonderful life)”

Here comes an unreleased song by Sachi Hayasaka's "minga", live performance at Kofu-Sakuraza on July 7th 2011! It's a stylish music and performance with pretty and resonant percussion, peppered bass track, piano and cheerful alto saxophone. minga4's new album "Ardiente!"was released this March. This song has been performed every time in their concerts, though it's not in the album, as cheers to Fukushima and disaster areas after the massive earthquake and the nuclear accident. Sachi Hayasaka composed this song which brings smile on everyone's face. Not only jazz and world music fan, but all music fans regardless of genres must listen! Sachi Hayasaka Official Website

ARTISTS : Sachi Hayasaka(alto sax), Keiichi Yoshida (piano), Toshiki Nagata (bass), Kosmas Kapitza(percussion)

FILE TYPE : MP3(09:36)


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