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One of the mainstays of the project is School Fukushima!

How should we face the severe condition of Fukushima? How do we learn the best way to live in Fukushima? These questions are not just problems in Fukushima; aren't they also the problems that confront a Japan and the world that contains Fukushima? At School Fukushima!, we'll think through these pressing and fundamental questions together.

At School Fukushima!, participants will be recruited from the public, and the musicians, poets, artists, and researches participating in the project will study and create works together. Unlike the student/teacher relationship at traditional schools, project leaders and participants will work together to make various pieces of music, poetry, and visual art; plan and organize concerts and magazine issues; as well as conduct research and other various activities.

Music School

"Orchestra Fukushima!" Workshop

A huge ensemble in the spirit of Otomo Yoshihide. Its name is Orchestra Fukushima! Participants in the school will perform in the August 15 festival. Calling for participants from the public from Fukushima and elsewhere. From the beginning of August, there will be numerous workshops, which all be connected on stage on August 15.

Poetry School

"Let's speak about Fukushima- Let's write poems- Let's gather the voices of poetry" - Fukushima Renshi no Kai, Fukushima Gundokudan 2011

The Great Tôhoku Earthquake of 3/11 created many victims, many of who are still unable to return to the daily lives they knew before. In the midst of a crisis that may rob them of their homeland, let's look hard at the current condition of Fukushima, holding onto the hope that we can continue to live in Fukushima, thinking about the shape of the future of Fukushima. Express your thoughts in poetry, and then share the words of Fukushima with the world.

Citizen Scientist Training Program

"Citizen Scientist Training Program" Beginning Course

The Research Institute of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (previously The Science and Technology Research Institute of Radiological Sciences) , and invited lectured Dr. Shinzo Kimura, who created a map of radioactive contamination in Fukushima that was introduced on a special of NHK's ETV, will give a course called "Citizen Scientist Training Program." Let's think together, learning how to measure basic knowledge about radiation and ways to confront the current situation in Fukushima.