We are Fukushima.

We won't give up on Fukushima.

The light of Fukushima, the clouds of Tohoku, the history, the lives,

the kindheartedness, the fathers and mothers, the Abukuma river, the twinkling of the stars, the smiles of children,

… we believe in all those "Fukushimas".

3.11. In order to seize "Fukushima" back from that day,

we shall come together in the middle of August to make a declaration to the world.

We will not give up our dreams, we will not give up on ourselves, we will not give up on Fukushima, we will not give up on Japan.

Let us look up to the blue skies of Fukushima.

To the light and the clouds and the lives.

To father sky.

To mother earth.

In the fields of Fukushima,

in the grounds of Fukushima,

for the heartbeat of Fukushima,

for you,

we will be waiting.


Ryoichi Wago

translation Naoki Matsuyama